8 Mind Blowing Movies For An Incredible Weekend

After a hard working week, everyone loves relaxing at their house with delicous food, cold and color drink and, of course, some mind blowing movies for an incredible weekend.

This kind of movie is somewhat that has confusing plots. Its unparalleled suspense and tension make us can not take our eyes off the screen. These scenes are puzzle and make us confusing but we still love watching it from the beginning till the end. Through each movie, we become a truly detective when we have to think and come up with our own conclusion at last. But, the truth is, we are always surprised by the end of the movie.

Here are 10 mind blowing movies that Daily Tips brings you to wish you a great weekend with so much relaxing moments.

P/s: Enjoy them!

1. Gone girl

Gone Girl is not a new marriage story, but with its clever storyline and narrative, director David Fincher made the audience startled. Marriage is like a fight and both have to go through the trials of selfishness, personal ego, honesty, sex and money. In general, Gone Girl’s acting and storyline are full of surprises and drama. The film asks audience have to think to have their own conclusion but  it is  great for those who like the kind of psychological drama and the best performing arts.

2. Hide and Seek

This movie is about life of a psychiatrist name David with hia daughter. After his wife’s suicide, he has to get his life while his daughter finds consolation in her imaginary friend: Charlie. Then, there are so many things happen that no one can explain and the qestion is: Who really is Charlie? The movie plays with watcher’s mind from the beginning till the end to find the true answer. Watch it and fell how to be thrilled to suffocate.

3. Tideland

“Tideland” tells about a good-for-nothing father, Noah, decides to show his ten-year-old daughter Jeliza-Rose the house where he spent his childhood, which is situated in the boundless wheat fields.

It so happens that the young girl ends up alone on the decrepit country estate, where she lives inside her own imagination. This definitely is not a movie for a mainstream audience. You do not have to understand it, you do not have to believe it, but you will not be able to take your eyes off it until the very end.

4. Predestination

Predestination is a mind-bending time-travel movie that’s more about ideas than action. You can find it very confusing but you really can not help watching it from the beginning till the end. Believe me, this movie is your best choice for your next unforgettable weekend.

5. Oldboy

An incredible movie of all the time. “Oldboy” is the film that makes viewers have to think about it so much even after the film ends. It tells about the love of 2 couples, but one is sister and brother; the other is father and daughter. It is not all about love but it teaches we one thing: Love, even right or wrong, is valueable.

You may think that this movie is so ridiculous but it is really worth watching, especially at weekend when you have time to think and feel it entirely.

6. Triangle

This is a highly recommended movie by many audiences thanks to its amazing story. It plays with your mind from the very beginning until the very end. To understand everything you must really pay attention to all the details, some lines, some specific shots and then it will all make sense. This movie is not a horror. It is a pure mystery and a perfect suggestion for any mystery fan whom would truly enjoy the experience.

7. The Machinist

Trevor Resnik, the main character of the movie, looks like a skeleton wandering between his dreams and reality. The overarching plot, dialogue, acting and music in this film are astonishing. They turn the movie into a dreamlike experience, where the hero is trying to fall asleep and at the same time to understand what won’t let him do so.

8. Mr. Nobody

Every movie sends its own message. “Mr. Nobody” is not the outsider of flow, this film want people to know that: Everything can change depend on our choice. No choice is totally right because different choice leads to different result that you can not know.

“Nothing is real

Everything is possible”

Mr. Nobody is an excellent touching movie which not only teach us so much about being an adult but also blow your mind absolutely.