These 14 movies about the family love will make you heart be melted

Everyone has their own family. And in the family dictoncary, the word “family” means “everything”. Why can people say that? Because family is the place you not only come back to find peace after a hard day with hundreds of worrying out there but also find out that how important you are to everyone and how much people love you.

Love of family is a favorable movie theme to many directors all over the world. Each movie has its own message, watch it slowly and try to capture its sense. So, whenever you feel imbalance or have any family problems, just find some family love movies, and who knows – maybe it will help you make a difficult decision or prevent you from taking the wrong step.

These 14 movies about family love will be a good suggestion to you and your family memembers for a beautiful weekend with love.

1. The Story Of Us

Stress and Depression are two problems that every family has to meet at a period of time. But the important thing is the way we solve the problem. “The Story Of Us” is a film like that. This is a great and incredibly touching movie that shows how little, seemingly insignificant details can destroy everything we have. The movie sends its message that: To be a family, we must understand each other and learn to forgive in life.

2. Yours, Mine & Ours

This is a great comedy movie for the whole family. Even though the movie has some so simple and predictable plot, you still find it worth watching thanks to the funny details it brings back.

3. Spirited Away

“Sprited Away” – a movie with too much significant details to teach with the family love and the cupid people. It is a Japanese cartoon with the main character name Chihiro in the journey of saving her parents in a mystery world. Withouth a strong love, you will not fight till the end to save your dearest ones in life.

4. The Ultimate Gift

This movie is about a young man learn to work and know about the value of money. Even his grandfather is very rich, he still have to work like a normal man with nothing in his life. Through that, his grandfather want to teach him that you must make efforts to achieve success.
This movie is worth it to watch with family members. It is not only about family love but also about how people grow up and learn about money values.

5. About A Boy

If you want a movie where you can see: love, happiness and family – 3 most important things in our lives gather, this is what you ask for. “About A Boy” is a touching film where a man and a boy meet and they teach each other about 3 most important thing in life. “Growing up has nothing to do with age” is what you learn after see this movie.

6. The Addams Family

A strange movie with strange characters. This movie is about a weird yet very loving married couple. They look strange, act strange, wear black colthes everytime; with strange relatives includes: crazy witches, murders, monsters… but nothing can preventing them from loving and caring each other till the end of the life.

7. The Painted Veil

If you want to know more about love, let see “The Painted Veil”. This movie is not much about family but it is worth it to see with your partner. The film sends a beautiful message about true love: true love is never of the passionate kind born in a blink of an eye, but one that grows strong through understanding and patience.
With sence of a small and quiet village, lost somewhere in the mountains, the movie will touch to anyone’s heart by its romantic and beautiful things.

8. Finding Dory

One more cartoon for a beautiful weekend of your family. Here you will find the family values through the journey of finding a lost fish name Dory. Nothing is more important than family is the message this movie sends to watcher.

9. Little Manhattan

A great movie to watch with your kids. You can learn that love is all around, even you are a 10 years old, you can fall in love with some one for the first time. Without love, you life will be so boring and in significant.

10. Facing Windows

This movie is about a married couple whose marriage is slowly falling apart. This film is also teach us how to change our lives, and be happy with what we have. It’s no easy task to change everything at once, but it’s worth trying.

11. Blue Valentine

“Blue Valentine” is an American romantic drama movie that is basically about how to save relationships and giving one more chance to a happy family. After years and years, people seem to be tired with their marriage, the passion dissolved, the relationship became more of a burden than a gift. How can we solve it and begin a family once again?

12. The Family Man

“The Family Man” focus on addresses some serious issues and promotes fundamental family values. By this, the movie shows people the family values and reminds us to respect it.

13. It’s Complicated

A light hearted movie with insightful dialogues, funny stories and great jokes. If you want to imagine your family life after 50, you must watch this movie and enjoy the love your marriage every single day in your life.

14. Kramer vs. Kramer

This is the best movie to help educate young people who dream of the perfect family. Life is not a box of chocolates, and every family faces their very own dramas – that’s what we all have to keep in mind. So, be patient and give love to your family.